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Seoul 2017

"When all was said and done, what started out as a quick mess-around with the wind-up toys turned into a fully-fledged horse race complete with betting and excited shouting. We used playing cards as money, and Kim and John modified their respective birds (a duck and a penguin) to help them win the races down the table. A tiny bottle from the Easter egg hunt was used as a joke obstacle for the toys. None seriously thought they would run into it, but the penguin did, again, and again. The laughter grew rapturous. People were keeling over from laughter, including me. I was crying, it was so funny. We also got takeaway fried chicken because clearly I haven't had enough fried chicken recently. Now everything's calmed right down and it's starting to feel like more of an easy night in. Still a great evening." - Seoul 2017

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