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Providenciales 2017

"Ron heard about my arrival from Salt Cay, and despite his seeming interest in my story, each of my answers was followed up with an oddly self-absorbed statement. The one that stuck out to me most was a digression about how much money his insurance company was going to pay out, and how he knew lawyers who could help him squeeze as much out of them as possible. This made it even more perverse when he said he was mulling over the idea of ferrying out supplies to Grand Turk and Salt Cay. I told him the people there needed generators, fuel, clean water, food, anything he could spare or think of. His non-committal reply was disheartening. In all I spent about half an hour listening to Ron’s problems with little to no encouragement before I politely excused myself, citing how the bartender hadn’t shown up and I was slowly starving to death." - A Month at the End of the World

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