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Istanbul 2021

Featured in: A Shambles Ramble: Istanbul 2021

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"He was eager to share it with others what started out as a simple explanation of some of the finer points of Islam, but developed into indiscreet proselytizing. Mike made it clear that he wasn’t interested in Islam on any level other than academically. Luiz was barely spoken to which was uncomfortable for everyone. By the end, the volunteer said that there was still “potential” for Gage and I, but that Mike was a lost cause. Again, Luiz was forgotten. We thought it was a little odd to use the word “potential” considering he’s meant to help everyone reach the faith. Maybe Mike didn’t fit into the grand scheme? Who knows. Mike didn't seem to mind. Once we’d extracted ourselves from what had admittedly been a very interesting philosophical discussion, we took in the sweeping view of a late night Istanbul from the gardens and headed back to end the day."  - Istanbul 2021: Part 3

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