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Local Company Immediately Calls Back Candidate after Seeing They Have “Thirst for Knowledge"

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels.

A local company has revealed how they had to work fast in order to secure a candidate for an entry-level position after they told them they had a “thirst for knowledge”.

“Of course we were delighted to see that Ms. Sanders had this kind of mindset,” said Christian Baker, CEO of Baker-Middleton Ltd.

“So many of the applications we receive explicitly state they have no desire to learn anything new, no matter how many times we state it as a requirement in our advertisements. This is why we knew we had to act quickly to secure Ms. Sanders as an employee.”

Having graduated last year with a 2:2 in Theology B.A., Ms. Sanders was expecting to have a hard time finding a route into the job market due to the current glut of Theologians in the work sector. But it seems her additional skills were what separated her from the pack with regards to her eligibility.

Elsewhere on her application, she stated an eagerness to learn new things, and thrives in a rapidly-evolving, fast-paced work environment. Mr. Baker highlights in particular her 2 years of university radio, and her 4 years of playing the bassoon. “These are assets that will be of tremendous help in her new role as an Information Analyst,” he added.

“There really wasn’t anything else we needed to see. We just knew we had to pick up the phone and call her in for an interview. And she’s only 22! I see a sparkling future for Ms. Sanders at our company. I might have to watch my back!”

Update: Since interviewing at the company, Ms. Sanders has replaced Mr. Baker as CEO, with the Board of Directors citing his lack of skill with the bassoon as a significant contributor to his departure.

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